The Reanimated Legends Of ROCK
What would happen if you could bring back the most famous musicians in the world from the great beyond?

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About The Book

About the Book

The Reanimated Legends of RockReanimated Legends of Rock is a science fiction novel written by Durrell Mitchell and Lisa Diamond. Told in the third person perspective, the book features Shai Daniels and his friend, bioengineer Casper Pinhill.

Shai is in-charge of the company’s next annual charity concert held by Next Level Promotions. It is a fundraiser that raises money for various charities. After the failure of the last charity concert, organized by his arch rival Gary Murphy, Shai wants his fundraiser to be a success. However, time is running out and in absence of better idea for the concert, Shai gets in touch with his old friend, Casper.

Luckily, Casper just found a way to reanimate dead people using DNA samples. That is, he can make a healthy and living copy of the dead person using a modified bioprinter albeit for a limited period of time. With a vast collection of memorabilia from musicians which he inherited from his dead parents and with Casper’s reanimator, Shai comes up with a brilliant idea: to bring back the dead music legends to perform in the fundraiser. With Whitney Houston, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, Shai’s fundraiser can easily be the greatest concert in the history of the world.

However, not everybody is excited about Shai’s project. There are those who will do everything for the event not to take place or to fail if it does, and there are those who have their own agenda for the concert: jealous co-worker, drug seller, sniper, robbers and obsessed followers of a lunatic.

The story is the ultimate dream of every music lover, to see dead music legends perform again and perform together. The authors are obviously passionate about the subject that this comes out as not just an ordinary science fiction but a tribute to the greatest musicians of all time.

This was a fast-paced and very exciting book abundant in suspenseful as well as glamorous scenes. The authors adeptly featured all music genres: rock, country, gospel, soul, jazz, reggae, hip hop, metal, blues and pop. The writing was casual and easy to read and the descriptions, especially of the performers in the concert, were very realistic making them very much alive in the book. The concert itself was depicted so vividly that I found myself exhausted at the end of the story.

In addition to the great plot was the set of likable characters. Though I found Shai Daniels an ideal protagonist, with his work ethics and apparent passion for what he does, it was Dr. Casper Pinhill I liked the most. He was brilliant but humble. He was kind and he genuinely cared for other people. Most importantly, he did his part in the fundraiser in celebration of the musicians’ talents and not for financial gain or popularity.

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